NEW IN: Parka 2 & Parka 22

Parka 2 is one of the most recognizable Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion models inspired by retro military silhouettes. Jacket is based on classic military parka from the middle of 20th century and re-designed according to modern city conditions. Parka is equipped with two spacious plated button pockets and additional pockets on chest and sleeve. For total protection from rain, snow and wind jacket is equipped with Snorkel hood with additional goose down pillow. Outer fabric is heavy military cotton with polyurethane coating inside for rain and wind protection. Unique jacket color is made by Garment Dyeing treatment.Parka can be combined with detachable down inner jacket. Parka 22 is a symbios of two classic military models - Field Jacket & Fishtail Parka. After combination of two silhouettes classic parka became more functional and suitable for city environment. Jacket is equipped with four spacious pockets and one additional on chest. Outer fabric is TLC top level Japanese durable micro-fiber which breathes perfectly. Unique jacket color is made by Garment Dyeing treatment. Parka can be combined with detachable inner down jacket. Both parkas are available in Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion flagship store & online.


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