NEW IN: Bomber Jacket 1


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The first “bomber” jackets appeared in the mid-1950s as part of the US Navypilots uniform. Convenient and easy cut and silhouette quickly made a "bomber" popular among the civilian population. At the end of 1960’s with the launch of mass production of "Bomber", this jacketbecame popular among the youth subcultures, becoming one of the iconic things of the second half of XX-th century. In SS2017 collection Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion presents a new-made version of the classic "bomber". The jacket is made of super heavy classic polyamide used in US Navy “bombers”. This fabric breathes and protect from water. Model fastens with buttons and is equipped with elastic rubber bands on the collar, cuffs and hem. Unique jacket color is made by Garment Dyeing treatment.
IMG_3095m.jpg NEW IN: Bomber Jacket 1 в стиле Гранж
IMG_3106.jpg NEW IN: Bomber Jacket 1 в стиле Гранж
IMG_3247a.jpg NEW IN: Bomber Jacket 1 в стиле Гранж
IMG_3274.jpg NEW IN: Bomber Jacket 1 в стиле Гранж


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