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Ballooning - the dream of many boys in childhood. Conquer element and purpose to find common language with air - a tricky business. How did you come to this? I'm from a family of pilots, my grandfather - Latypov Quddus Kanifovich - Hero of the Soviet Union. My father always dreamed of flying, but could not become a pilot because of his health. In 1991, it was organized by the «Balloon Scientific-Technical Center – AeroNaTC», which produces thermal balloons today. So my path was always close to the sky. The first time I flew in Lukhovitsy in 1992. I remember well the territory of aircraft repair company, where we started, and my grandmother in a sheepskin coat with a gun at the airport. Tell us about your first solo flight. The first solo flight I made in 11 years of paragliding in 1993 in Kolomenskiy park. Five years later, I met with all of the flight ways without motor. I was attracted updrafts and methods for their treatment. In 1998 my older brother began to compete on the balloons and paragliders have gone by the wayside. For the first time in a balloon, I got up with his father during training to pilots. After the phrase "Two commanders on one aircraft will be a lot," he instructed me from the ground. So I flew its first 12 hours as pilot. What is AeroNuts? Tell us about your team. At first I was attracted to call volunteers for help at the venue of the competition. Then there will appear people ready to support me. My friends endlessly heard crazy stories about my flights. At first it was just a company of friens full of fun, but gradually we realized that we can fight for the prizes in the international arena. My balloon was always signed with «AeroNaTC» production. This inscription was always hard to understand for foreigners, only few of them could say the word, and if we have spoken to them, then heard Nuts. One of my friend said that it really should be "Nuts", our balloon did not look like the rest of others and my style was very aggressive. Nuts is sufficiently capacious word in the English language, it has many values that fit our team. Our main trip we had planned in April 2012. World Cup held in USA in August. We looked at the calendar and think how to combine sport and travel. The first point was my long-cherished dream to travel all States from east to west. It turned out our first ONtour, which lasted six weeks. We changed ten cars, drove ten thousand miles and crossed the states not only horizontally, but also vertically, ending the trip in Seattle near the Canadian border. Then the golden part of our team was formed: Alexander Mavrin, Dmitry Sarychev, Andrey Chetverikov and me, Sergey Latypov. The team worked like clockwork, each in his place. In this quartet, the first time we have won first place in the course of the competition. With the balloon opens the incredible beauty of views of nature. What places do you especially remember from the bird's-eye view? Surely the mountains! Four years in a row we went flying in the Alps, it is unforgettable. Season 2015 was very rich: we travelled Australia, Russia, Hungary, Japan and the UAE. Japan amazes me. Wind there exists under the laws of the yakuza, living his life, not like not one place on the planet. I think this is a top area for sport flying in the world. Australia is attractive in itself, not to mention the kangaroo jumping under the balloon. And it blew our imagination trip to Dubai, there were World Air Games. Sightseeing flights were over skyscrapers, and the culmination of the competition was the flight from the Island of the World. I remember how we stood there with balls spread out and watched as our weather balloons takes to the open sea. This flight was especially remembered by the fact that 99% of the time we were flying over open water, and accompanied us Sheikh boats. You're very active man. Are there any plans to learn other kinds of air sports? I have already said, that started with paragliders. Once flew a glider, even managed to score a hundred meters. The most interesting at the intersection of science, it's me really attracted to. I have many ideas how to do this in our «nuts» style!
Bi9G-ExeJZ0.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Sargey Latypov в стиле Гранж
bF4t84TTYFM.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Sargey Latypov в стиле Гранж
X2qFe9RDoE0.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Sargey Latypov в стиле Гранж
i4hurSrODMA.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Sargey Latypov в стиле Гранж
KECCP2lE52M.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Sargey Latypov в стиле Гранж
Es8GXakUsFA.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Sargey Latypov в стиле Гранж
qT-slM4ITak.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Sargey Latypov в стиле Гранж
eiSfecaV7vw.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Sargey Latypov в стиле Гранж
v2mVci0uNNk.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Sargey Latypov в стиле Гранж


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