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Tell us how did you get in the world of graffiti.

In kindergarten I was sent to drawing courses. In school, I continued to go to art school, but the lessons learned there applied in a different line – I played with improvisation fonts and various cartoon characters, the inspiration for this were wildly decorated the cover of European music compilations and logos of well-known clothing brands, such as, Grinders with their iconic dog. At the same time I started breakdancing and became acquainted with the street culture and the art of graffiti. Later, I enrolled in the architectural university, met with a lot of creative people and dipped in a slightly different environment that influenced my approach to street art - it has become more artistic, I began to experiment with a variety of images, techniques and types of paints.

At that time the street art became popular.

Of course. One of the coolest experiences of the first half of the 2000s was a visit to a huge amount of graffiti festivals in Russia and Ukraine, where we got acquainted with the guys from Europe, learned a ton of new information and exchange experiences.

How did you get from the street to the painting?

My stepfather is a member of the Union of artists, thanks to him I joined the new world of art. I was fortunate to participate in the organization of art exhibitions, where I became acquainted with the old masters. From communicating with them, I drew something new that could be applied to my work. That’s how I formed a symbiosis of street art and classical art, which I try to show in the works. I try not to focus on one style, whether it's graffiti, painting or crafts. I believe that only by mixing it all in one piece, you can get something really fresh and interesting.

Is it possible in our time for artist to make a living exclusively for his creativity or orders can not be avoided?

No matter how popular you are, orders can not be avoided. But it is necessary to divide collaboration and order. In the first case you are absolute free in your creativity, in the second you are executor playing the role of the artist.

Tonight in our store will be an exhibition of your favorite works with the support of Montana Cans. Especially for this event you prepared two canvases. Tell us about them.

I am very close to the aesthetics of GJO.E. In my work I try to work with textures, paying attention to the art of paint, mixing different colors. The same thing you do with your coats, turning their non-standard methods, emphasizing the texture of fabrics and experimenting with colors. The canvas I wanted to convey the style Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion: the original mix of styles, as well as in their own way to interpret one of the main ideas of your brand philosophy - an explosion that is incorporated in the title.
W8ct9g_z5JY.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Playbodik в стиле Гранж
h0ZbO7sf-JQ.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Playbodik в стиле Гранж
DDYMOzevF80.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Playbodik в стиле Гранж
Ua_KkVlM0ws.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Playbodik в стиле Гранж
dFTKKMoE7sQ.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Playbodik в стиле Гранж
EOm-Rc03R1s.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Playbodik в стиле Гранж
OUpc27bV6sM.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Playbodik в стиле Гранж
GrvKeuWqQ94.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Playbodik в стиле Гранж


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