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Tell us how you ended up in the role of the teacher? How long have you do it and why you decided to take this step?

I've got a historical education, my mother and granny also work at the school, but I could not think up to a certain time, to find myself in the role of teacher. For a long time I worked as a photographer in various nightclubs in Moscow, but this work was boring for me. Once, quite by chance, I met with an old friend, who was an English language teacher at school. Talk with her inspired me to change my life: I left my previous job and stood up to the Labour Exchange in search of a teacher places. At the same time I left the city to the country, refused to parties and bad habits. It was in the autumn, and the work was found only after the New Year, so for a while I had to live literally on buckwheat and vegetables. My friends even thought that I was in a sect!

Your appearance is quite far from the image of the average teacher how it all used to represent. How do you perceive the scholars?

Because I teach history, appearance often plays into the hands: children much more interesting to receive material from a man whose appearance they may submit in a given historical dimension. Ancient Russia, for example. In addition, it is no secret that many children have growing up without fathers, perhaps for someone my appearance forms the image of a man. With these children we are working very carefully.

What are you doing besides teaching history with boys from school?

We organized in the school gymnastic club for everyone. Every morning before the lessons we are going to do a half-hour cross on the school surroundings. I motivate children to sit in the dining room and go work out in the gym. It is also accustomed to team sports - football, basketball.

In the summer you organize trips for students. Tell us more about it.

Because the school where I work, is dedicated to the advanced study of biology, every summer we organize trips for children, where in addition to the tourism guys are engaged in research activities. At the end of the journey, each student has scientific data on which it is preparing a work that will continue to be considered for admission to the institute on the profile.

How to organize these trips? Do you allow them to everyone disciples? By what route do you usually travel?

Organization of summer expeditions to the Russian initiative is our idea, nobody helps us financially, everything happens on pure enthusiasm. We do not take everyone, but only those scholars, in which certain. After such campaigns - it's not as much fun as checking the strength of young people, to teach to the adult independent living. The campaign is trusted adult accompany all decisions disciples of navigation and a route to the organization of the camp and cooking. This greatly mobilizes and tempers guys develop camaraderie. Traditionally, the routes are organized in the wild, untouched by human nature: to Kamchatka, Kola Peninsula, White Sea, Siberia. That is, the farther away from Moscow, and the more severe the conditions, the more interesting.

Tell us about the most memorable trip.

Perhaps the most interesting was the hike in Siberia, when we went with the expedition almost all of the Yenisei to stay in the village hunters Bakhta known fact that there lives the son of Andrei Tarkovsky, Mikhail. I remember a long time watching documentary about hunters "Happy People" based on his idea, but could not imagine that one day end up in this place with my own eyes and see the life of these people. Amazing unforgettable experience!
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