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Tell us about your career. When you decided to become a barber?

At the moment I am working as a barber boss in the salon 13. I started it three years ago when this theme was not very popular in Moscow: there were only two barbershops in city! All information we took from the Internet, from YouTube and Instagram accounts of foreign barbers. We ordered machines from the United States and made adapters for them by hand! It was really funny!

Your main hobby is music! Tell us about it.

Yes! I love music since the school time. Like most boys in school, I began to play guitar wanting to impress the girls! I had no money for music teacher and started learning it by myself. Then I found followers and hobby became more serious. It was very nice to know that people like my songs! Also I love sport and try to do it in every free minute!

Do you like a life in big city?

Personally, I try to get out of Moscow when it is possible, as unrestrained vanity of metropolis tired people, drives them crazy and makes them forget about who they are and why they live.

Your current position requires to understand people. What do you appreciate in a person?

I've always liked people who want to grow and develop. Those who set themselves the goal of personal professional growth rather than financial. Nothing spoils the creative people as large fees at the beginning of a career. Even the most talented and gifted people have to reach their full potential. The most beautiful and quality things in this world are expensive, as in real life: the greatest achievements are very difficult. The most precious thing that a man can have - it is his reputation.
0bPQ5-g2GxU.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Ivan в стиле Гранж
edQPvzxNX_A.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Ivan в стиле Гранж
dFsfRHaVEUM.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Ivan в стиле Гранж
Z4ORaNhXSkg.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Ivan в стиле Гранж
5qxbtLnaRmc.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Ivan в стиле Гранж
NjuwpPNLUp8.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Ivan в стиле Гранж


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