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All of your projects are extremely successful. Tell us, do you have any secret of success? How can you explain the popularity of your restaurants?

Seriously, I see something magical in this success. Of course, I have a clear vision of how the restaurant should function, how it should be arranged. My main task is to get to this vision as close as possible. Where it works, everything works, but sometimes, due to some circumstances, the original concept can not be realized 100%, in such cases the main thing is to stop in time.

Our restaurants are very personalized, each of them has a serious, wellthoughtout concept. I spend in restaurants a significant part of the time to respond to the ideas inherent in them. And this is not a forced measure, it is a big pleasure for me. After all, the main thing is to do what you like. Frankly, I never thought that I would be engaged in restaurant business, but gradually I got involved and fell in love with it. At first I did not understand how to make decisions, what should be based on, tried to follow the course of the thoughts of my more experienced friends. With the first own restaurant I get understanding, but I still have to study and learn.

Many restaurants you opened with your partners. What is the peculiarity of this work, are there any difficulties?

The main thing is that the partners understand and accept your basic principles. It is still very important to understand the principles of karma. They play a serious role in our business, because restaurants are about energy and people.

You do not only manage restaurants, but also run the creative side of the process. What is closer to you?

Frankly, management is not exactly my theme. Yes, I conduct internal audits, find shortcomings in work, correct them, but I much prefer emotional leadership, immersion in the ideology of the place. And our ideology is very simple. The stove is our sanctuary. Our guys are acolytes. And the guests are parishioners. People come to us for a good mood, we give it to them. I try to stick to this concept, and also I want the whole team to share this vision.

Do you have time for hobbies?

My main hobby is people. Being engaged in restaurant business, you are immersed in a huge quantity of activities, and there is not enough time for me on something else. I really love music, I try to combine with my business, organizing performances of musicians. I hope that in a few years I will resume playing myself again. I know for sure that it will be rockabilly!

Do you cook at home yourself? How often do you eat out of the restaurant?

At home, I eat rarely, mostly breakfast. A lot of my time passes in the restaurant, here I have lunch and dinner, but I can take here another plus: when you are opening the restaurant, you start from your preferences, including food.

You never stand still, surely you already have plans for opening new places?

Yes, now we are preparing two very serious places with the two leading restaurateurs of the country. It's time for collaborations!
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