GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Эльнар Мансуров (Mishka Travel)


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How did you come to your hobby?

It all began with student days, when I dreamed of traveling, and studied at the Faculty of Geography. Once, I caught air tickets from Perm to Prague for 140 rubles in one direction, so began my passion for travel and study of the business model of the low-cost flights. Only then I flew to Europe for 1 euro cent, began to tell people through the blog and master classes that it is not so difficult to travel - and if you make efforts and time, it's not expensive. At that time people were afraid to travel without travel agencies, and the word "visa" aroused trepidation and fear. At night I drew routes and studied directions of airlines.

Over time, your hobby turned into a successful business. What is Mishka Travel at the moment?

I'm sometimes signed as a "professional traveler", in the beginning it was pretty funny to hear it. Why does someone go professionally, and someone does not? And what does it mean? Only then I realized that a professional traveler is the one who earns on his business. Yes, indeed, over time, around me there was an audience that was interested to know how there in North Korea, Alaska or Spitsbergen. For today, Mishka Travel is my instagram on travels with the head of a bear, the office in Perm, helping the residents of my native city with complex and not very complicated visas, the site team supporting the social network and the blog itself, and me with a team of guides, That we are conducting expeditions to such places as Iceland, the fjords of Norway, the Tien Shan mountains, etc.

Why Mishka? Is it just an unusual accessory to attract attention or is there a story behind it?

It all started with a logo, it's a hello to a brown bear with a gospel on its back, which is depicted on the coat of arms of the Perm region. We made it white, and on his shoulders - a backpack. Over time, the idea was born to take your head with you and take a photo in it. It fired and the project became recognizable.

Which corners of the globe have you already visited and what place made the greatest impression on you?

I visited all continents, including Antarctica. My favorite places: Iceland with volcanoes and geysers, Norway with tracking and fjords, Japan with their isolation and madness, North Korea with their backwardness and naivety, the North Caucasus with their hospitality and openness, Argentina with Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, California with everything, Spitsbergen, Morocco, Tanaznia and other ...

Tell us about your plans for the summer, what countries do you plan to visit?

In the summer I have: how accustomed and part of the work is the beloved Iceland with Norway: then Slovenia and the Dolomite alps for the soul, yachting in Greenland, the gastronomic Copenhagen and the Manpupuner plateau in Komi. I plan to celebrate my birthday in August at an airplane hotel near Amsterdam.
IMG_3091-001.JPG GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Elnar Mansurov (Mishka Travel) в стиле Гранж
CS3350327-02A-BIG-001.jpg GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Elnar Mansurov (Mishka Travel) в стиле Гранж
G0020370-001.JPG GRUNGE JOHN PEOPLE. Elnar Mansurov (Mishka Travel) в стиле Гранж


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