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August is over, there are rainy and windy in the city. We've prepared a small photoshoot, where we collected a few functional things from current SS2016 collection, made of hi-tech innovative fabrics that are resistant to weather. One of the key models in current collection - a raincoat PARKA10NP made on the basis of traditional GJO.E parka and made of high-tech lightweight polyamide, which provides absolute protection from the wind and the rain. The jacket is equipped with two spacious pockets, detachable hood, adjustable cuffs, waist and hem. The main fabric of FJ18SF and FJ45TP jackets inspired by iconic military field jacket, is a high-tech wind and water resistant mixture of polyamide and polyurethane. Both jackets are equipped with a large number of plated pockets, deep hoods, delays and additional regulators. It should be noted that all the jackets, presented in the photoshoot, as well as the other things from the collection of SS2016 are on 20-30% discount.
DSC_7966-2.jpg Rainy August в стиле Гранж
DSC_7981.jpg Rainy August в стиле Гранж
DSC_7990.jpg Rainy August в стиле Гранж
DSC_8024.jpg Rainy August в стиле Гранж
DSC_8053.jpg Rainy August в стиле Гранж


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