Men's jacket 26B

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Куртка мужская 26B
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In the first decade after the Second World War in the United States there was a significant jump in the light textile industry development, aimed to the creation of new, more comfortable and practical uniform designs for the army. One of the most recognizable and popular models created in this period, is a Field Jacket, made on the basis of M-1943 from the Second World War. During its existence, Field Jacket has been modified and revised many times, but the main function of convenience and practice remained unchanged. Jacket is made of hi-tech micro-fiber which protects from wind and snow, dries quickly and doesn't crumple. Jacket is equipped with detachable Alpolux® inner jacket which can be used as independent winter jacket. Unique color of jacket is achieved by Garment Dyeing treatment. Main fabric: 65% polyester / 35% nylon Insulation: Alpolux®
  • Hi-tech micro-fiber
  • Comfortable 3D cut
  • Detachable Alpolux® inner jacket
  • Four plated pockets
  • Adjustable waist and hem
  • Hidden hood in collar
  • Garment dyed
  • Made in Moscow
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